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Clean Solar Solutions have been named for the sixth year running as a ‘key industry player in the global solar panel cleaning market’ by Global Market Insights. 

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“The global solar panel cleaning market forecast profiles leading players such as Clean Solar Solutions.” – Allied Market Research.

About Clean Solar Solutions America

Clean Solar Solutions America are an international solar maintenance and cleaning company.  We are one of the leading O&M providers in the U.S.  We service and clean commercial rooftop, utility-scale ground mount and residential solar arrays. 

We have an excellent history and pedigree in the global solar industry. We are proud winners of the U.K.’s best solar maintenance company twice in five years.  Our most recent award win came in October 2022. 

Our president was voted U.K. Solar Innovator of the Year in 2019.

We also operate across all of mainland Europe and work for some of the world’s largest solar companies.  We specialise in solar panel cleaning as well as offering a whole range of other operations and maintenance services.

As pioneers of solar panel cleaning, we have built up a reputation for both our technical knowledge and our high quality cleaning service.  We also engage in detailed research, producing high quality articles for the benefit of the global solar industry.  Our clients include:

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Utility Scale Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean Solar Solutions have cleaned millions of solar panels on utility-scale solar farms.  We provide an option for automated and mechanised cleaning, using solar panel cleaning robots or manual solar panel cleaning on ground mounted solar farms.  Contact us for a quotation.

Commercial Rooftop Solar Panel Cleaning

When you own or operate a commercial rooftop solar panel array, you want to ensure the maximum return for your investment.  We have safely cleaned hundreds of thousands of panels on commercial roofs.  Contact us for a quote. 

Agricultural Solar Panel Cleaning

Thousands of farms across America now have solar panels.  Agricultural solar arrays often get the dirtiest the quickest.  We have cleaned hundreds of thousands of solar panels mounted in fields, on dairy sheds, poultry sheds, grain and corn dryers and storage sheds.  Contact us for a quote. 

Residential Solar Services

What We Provide

You can hire Clean Solar Solutions America with confidence because we have invested in offering you the best possible service.

  • A global robotic & manual solar panel cleaning service
  • High quality servicing & repairs


  • IPAF and harness trained staff for operating cherry-pickers
  • PASMA trained staff for scaffolding erection
  • Emergency rescue from height trained staff
  • Accurate JHA’s
  • Fully insured
  • Solar panel cleaning consultancy service for solar array designers and planners

Latest News

See some of the latest news from Clean Solar Solutions Ltd.  (Use the arrows right/left to see more news)

Solar Panel Efficiency – Why Solar Panel Cleaning Is Important

The primary goal of solar panels is to produce green electricity.  But how do you keep your system working as efficiently as possible for as long as possible? There is an abundance of schemes and incentives available to make solar panels a viable option for both homeowners and businesses.

Can Solar Panels Work At Night?

As professional solar panel cleaners, ‘Can Solar Panels Work At Night?’ is a question we are asked often, and a great one! Believe it or not, the simple answer may be “YES!!!” How can that be? Solar panels produce electricity from any light, not just sunlight.

How Does Salt and Sea Air Affect Solar Panels?

Salt in the sea air can be a big problem for solar panels.  This is a question we are frequently asked as a professional solar panel cleaning company.  This brief article explains the two problems that solar panels face due to salt and sea air.

Operations & Maintenance

Clean Solar Solutions are an international, award-winning solar operations & maintenance (O&M) company.  We provide turn-key O&M services and packages including fault diagnosis, servicing and repairs, ground maintenance, bird proofing and deterrents.

Our bird deterrents and control measures look to reduce the effect bird droppings can have on your solar output and we can prevent birds from nesting under solar panels too.

This website is focused primarily on our international solar panel cleaning services.  To find out more about our other O&M services, please visit our main UK or Ireland websites.